Massage & Movement Therapy

Services & Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Please select the service that is right for you. We also have options for our ADMT team to come to you for special events! 



ADMT desires to provide as much opportunity for individuals to receive massage treatment. We have a mobile table and we offer consults & mini treatments at $1 per minute.


ADMT is committed to helping our community have a better grasp on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We would love to come speak at your event and share our knowledge of physical fitness, the importance of massage therapy, and corrective exercise.

We offer 3- 20 min presentations, and this includes a warm up, body mechanics, and cool down.


The goal of Corrective Exercise is to identify both posture and movement imbalances and joint limitations, and develop a program to correct them. The focus is on movements designed to create balance, stability, and/or mobility in areas that are not functioning properly.


This technique is aimed at releasing deeper muscle and connective tissue utilizing stretching protocols. 


30 min for $60- Thirty minutes allows time to work on half of the body, or one specific problem area.

60 min for $90- Sixty minutes allows time for a full body massage, or half of the body with extra time spent on one specific problem area. 

90 min for $120- Ninety minutes allows time for a full body massage and extra time spent on one specific problem area.

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