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 "I was in a terrible car accident when I was 17 years old, and then had reconstructive back surgery at age 25. A year ago on my 40th birthday, a friend paid for me to go see Aly because I was in such terrible pain, and she said that Aly would be able to help me. I must admit I was very skeptical, since I had been to pain management specialists, orthopedic doctors, and at least a dozen other specialists to help me with my pain and numbness. The ONLY solutions from all of them were drugs. I refused to live my life dependent on drugs to perform daily activities, so I just dealt with the pain. Not only has Aly alleviated my back pain all together, she has also helped me regain my feeling in my lower back where I had such horrible/excruciating nerve damage from past surgeries. She has truly changed my life from one of constant pain and limitations to a pain free, drug free life that I can enjoy with my two little boys and husband. She gave me my life back."

Sarah Gonder, February 2013 


"I first went to see Aly about a year and a half ago at the recommendation of our family physical therapist. I had pulled an acute muscle tear. Aly not only fixed the injury, she began a process of teaching me how to avoid injuries in the future. I train six times a week and I am 49 years old. Aly makes that possible. I have recommended her to many of my CrossFit colleagues who now also rely on Aly to optimize their ability to train. I continue to recommend Aly to anyone who wants to improve their health and capacity to train."

Tim Schulte, September 2012


"After 30 years with a more and more pronounced limp, Alyson Diehl converted me to a virtually normal walk within 2 months. I wouldn’t have believed it possible had I not experienced it. My family and friends are awestruck!"

 Rene Guerster, June 2012


"I started going to Aly over two years ago. After having been involved in two severe car accidents within the last five years, I have experienced multiple back and neck issues. I started receiving chiropractic treatment right away but knew that wasn’t enough. Through my consistent treatments with Aly, my pain has been dramatically reduced, my core has been strengthened, and my range of motion has greatly improved! I refer people to her as often as I can because I want everyone to experience the same freedom and quality of life that I have."

Stephanie Lightfoot, May 2012

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